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    • Name Jimmy_jelly Perm ID 1119 Age 14 Nationality British Timezone GMT Availability 29 How long have you been part of CRP for? 190 hours Working, audible microphone? I confirm I have a working microphone Has anyone recommended you who is currently in the police force? Guest I confirm... 0,1,2,3 Why do you want to join the Met Police? (100 words minimum) I would like to join the met police as i would love to experience the RP of being an officer. I would love to enhance my role playing skills whilst being an officer. I want to be able to help people out and stop the nasty criminals of the city. I know a few people in the MET PD and i would love to experience the RP with them. Provide us your role play background and story? (100 words minimum) My name is Jimmy jelly, I was born in England and for my whole life i lived in yorkshire . I am currently 18 years of age and ever since I left school at the age of 15 I have always wanted to join the Police Force. When I turned 16 I was able to join the police cadets were you learn all the basics of what it takes to join the Police force and the hard and key steps to finally making your way as a Police Constable. Why do you believe that you will make a good Police Constable? (100 words minimum) why think I would make a good met police as for the met police. I would be a good met police as I would enjoy it so it would motivate me to play as a met police more as well as I am good at staying in character which also helps a lot with me being met police, being a good met police would mean not being stupid in rp and actually rp as a police officer. Declaration 1
    • Congratulations!    Your application for the metropolitan Police has been accepted! Everything is done IN-GAME - do not speak out-of-character whilst in your interview. Once you have joined the discord go to #pcso-readme and then #pcso-request-training Make sure you have read the E-Library before proceeding with the Interview.    E-Library: https://conflict-rp.co.uk/metpolice/index.html Police Discord: https://discord.gg/djC83ZF
    • Accepted - go to Teamspeak (ts.conflict-rp.co.uk) and join the 'Waiting for Management [READ DESC]' channel and wait. Failure to do so within 7 days will result in your request being denied.   @xDan
    • Name xDan Perm ID 273 When did this happen? 12/1/2020 Explain to us what happened? I crashed at makenzie airfield and when I logged back in I had no scar or armour What was lost? scar with full ammo, rebel armour Has any member of staff recommended you complete this form? luckylime Video evidence https://streamable.com/t593d1
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